Sunday, November 28, 2010

If IDE's Were Star Wars Characters

Rational Application Developer

Jabba the Hutt - BIG, SLOW, but also somehow powerful. You don't want to get on the wrong side of this IDE as you will be frozen in IBM consulting carbonite and NEVER get anything done.


Luke Skywalker- The hero who wins against all odds. However, In the software development universe, Luke actually turns to the dark side and joins Darth Vader.

Visual Studio

Emperor Palpatine - Having harnessed the dark side of the force, more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Oracle JDeveloper

Darth Vader - In the software world, after having turned Luke to the Dark side, Darth Ellison and Luke rule the Galaxy as father and son.


Han Solo - Always seems to be there at the right time to help you out of a bind. No aspirations to rule the universe, but knows how to "get things done".


Battle Droids - There are millions of these, but they're all centrally controlled by someone whose motivations may be suspect. In the software development world, battle droids are actually secretly controlled by Samuel the Hutt.


Yoda - In the software universe, much like in the Star Wars universe, he may be a powerful Jedi, but he's dead.


Obi wan Kenobi - Strong in the force, but for some reason he lives in obscurity on a desert planet. He and Joda live on in some mysterious way that we don't quite understand.


An Ewok - Cute, might be actually useful, but do you seriously want to try and rule the universe as an Ewok?


R2D2 - Very useful, behind the scenes kinda hero. Never going to rule the universe, but someone you certainly want to have around all times of possible.

Flash Builder

Padme Amidala - Not sure what to say here.


This is my list so far and I realize it isn't really complete. Comment and I'll try to update with your ideas...


Julien said...

Emacs would be c3p0 since you can use it for any language

Anonymous said...

This article seems more about "text editors as star wars characters", since notepad, textmate, and gedit are certainly not ide's.

adrian said...

Flash Builder is Eclipse.

SpringSource Tool Suite - Death Star Trash Compactor Monster. Surrounded by all sorts of junk in an environment that can crush you if it doesn't pull you under. You will be too busy calling C3P0 for help to rule the world.