Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kmart pharmacy customer (dis)service

First off, let me qualify this post by saying I am a former employee of Sears Holdings Corporation which is the parent company for Kmart. As such, I happen to still use their insurance through COBRA and because of the plan offered, my insurance only allows me to use Kmart (and VERY few other) pharmacies.

Last night I was supposed to go to Kmart and refill a prescription for my son. As circumstances would have it, I forgot so ultimately, I probably contributed to the stress levels associated with this situation. We happened to have one dose left of his medication so we assumed it wouldn't be a big deal to pick it up in the morning. My wife thought she could just run to the pharmacy this morning and get a refill.

This morning, I happened to be attending a software development conference in Chicago (coincidentally with at least one, if not more than one SHC associate) and started receiving frantic calls from my wife. She went to TWO different Kmart pharmacies (10 miles apart) and they didn't have the prescription. She was assured, however, she could drive just another 5 miles away and get it filled.

Because she had other things she had to get done, she went to another pharmacy right next door (Walgreens ) and was going to pay a LOT of money ($150) to get the scrip filled. After the third call, I told her to simply lay down the cash and we'll worry about the cost later, after all, our time and our son's health was too valuable to be driving all over Northwest Illinois hoping that someone had what we were looking for. It turns out, she got the idea to call our pediatrician and they happened to have had a some samples that they gave us until Kmart would be able to fill the prescription, but this brings me to my point:

Kmart pharmacy, you get a big fat "F" in customer service. Honestly, I really like the people working there as individuals, they're really friendly and seem to be nice people


I happen to know that the store in Rockford is affiliated with This should have been a home-run make my wife happy win-win-win situation for all involved. If the store in Rockford had proposed that my wife pay an extra $10 to have the prescription delivered to our doorstep she would have been jumping up and down in happiness. Instead she was frustrated, mad, and disgusted with the entire situation.

Some alternative scenarios proposed:

#2 Go get the scrip from Walgreens, then figure out how to get reimbursed...
#3 Anything else? Really, do you need US to come up with better solutions? I'm the customer here, I'm looking for solutions, NOT excuses...

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