Thursday, June 3, 2010

firefox 3.6 and google chrome

I happened to notice that doesn't seem to work properly with firefox 3.6 OR google chrome... That's about 25-50% of "normal" web traffic. Note: if the techie people show you log files that indicate firefox is really only 5% (or some other low number).... ask them "how could ANYONE with firefox possibly be using the site if it doesn't actually WORK with firefox?".

I used to be a little self conscious about posting gripes about browser compatibility, but now that I see the real numbers from a number of sites that get millions of hits, I'm fairly confident that firefox (and even crome) are actually pretty important at this point. Right now I support a couple of non-technical sites that get millions of hits per month and IE gets around 70% firefox gets around 20% and chrome gets around 5% (the rest is a mixed bag).

I'd recommend letting the tech folks take about a week and make the site at least work with these browsers. In all fairness, I guess it is possible that the site works on windows versions of chrome and firefox as I'm using linux, but I suspect it's equally broken on windows. At this point, cross browser compatibility is a commodity and no professional organization should really allow incompatibility on a public site (IMHO).

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