Sunday, November 18, 2007

No Fluff Just Stuff 2007

I attended No Fluff Just Stuff in Chicago this weekend. There is only really one word to describe it, "wow". The speakers where stellar, the format was very personal, and the camaraderie was extraordinary.
Coming from an organization that is still very waterfall where testing is a manual process that people slog through, it was eye opening that some very BIG companies where doing this agile sort of stuff on very critical products in super mission critical situations. I spoke with people who wrote embedded devices (pacemakers), avionics software, pharmaceutical software, and many other products who's criticality make my current system (a retail item management system) look like a rather big "hello world" project.
The biggest gain I've taken away from this was that getting the management team's buy in isn't enough. I need to go gather metrics about the risks and waste in our current process and simply implement fixes to eliminate them. The agile community happens to have a large bag of tools to help do this.

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