Saturday, May 22, 2010

Programming with eclipse

Quick! Anyone who's ever used eclipse for more than 5 years tell me how you would find a file in your project(or workspace) with a name that starts with the test "BuildString".

If you answered:
Then type BuildString

I'd believe you used eclipse more than a few hours.

If you answered:

Then type BuildString

I'd ask "what if you where looking for a property file, not a class?"... Even if you got it wrong, I'd believe you use eclipse, but perhaps just misinterpreted my question.

If you answered:
I'd click on then to menu and select 'find', then switch to the file view then...
or any of 100 other possible combinations like:
I'd drop to a shell prompt and use the 'grep'
I'd use windows search
I'd open a browser to google
I'd say "that's interesting, I hadn't thought of that" and give you some credit for understanding the problem and having some sort of plausible solution.

If you said "I've never had to do that" I'd silently intake a slow breath to prevent myself from jumping across the table and beating you over the head with a copy of "programming interviews for dummies".

Listen, at an interview I KNOW folks are lying and overstating their capabilities... I kinda expect it. You're trying to show us you're superman + wonderwomen + aquaman all rolled into one.

But if you show up saying you can leap over tall buildings and I ask you to jump over a 10" rock... You better clear it or I'm just not going to waste any more of my time. I don't care if you can leap tall buildings because of superpowers, a yellow sun, jetpack, trampoline, or any other "cheater"... I just want an illustration that you can actually do something similar to what you originally claimed.

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