Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Were you talking about ME in your blog?

This is now the second time in a year or so where someone has personally confronted me (this time not quite directly, but kinda) about something I wrote in my blog. This time it was in response to a post about services.

A friend of someone who apparently thinks they know the unnamed developer in the post sent me a personal email telling me to stop lambasting said individual on my blog. Additionally, I got a few comments on my blog from people who apparently used to work in my organization about how dysfunctional we are and it's all because of a single person who's a jerk.

First, My post was my perspective and perhaps it was perceived that I was being too hard on a teammate, but I certainly wasn't suggesting that I had no blame. (it takes two people to have an argument)

Second, While that post was spawned by a specific situation that happened, my perspective was formed after working with many people and having a similar communication problem. Just so we're clear, a lot of what's in my blog is not necessarily 100% fact for fact true. Often I change names and situations in order to protect innocent bystanders. Sometimes it's effective, sometimes folks see right through it.

Third, It's MY blog guys, ranting about a developer who doesn't seem to "get it" doesn't mean that developer doesn't get it. It means that, from my perspective, they don't get it.

All that having been said, I sincerely appreciate the time folks took to comment. Even if you're calling me an ignorant jackass, at least you're communicating and taking the time to think about my perspective.

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