Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Peter Principle was wrong-ish

Ever get thrust into a position that you aren't prepared for? If you think so, it's probably not true...

What I mean is, most folks who are aware of their shortcomings are usually operating within a zone of competence (partly to mostly competent). Folks who "move up" and feel they are completely ready for it are either: #1 Just trying to get a leg up and don't give a damn if they do a good job or not #2 Completely unaware of their incompetence, generally a nuisance, but fairly harmless #3 A huge roadblock stumbling about and generally unknowingly making a mess of everything they touch.

If you are #1, you know you are a #1 and probably don't care, so I believe I cannot help you, therefore I won't say anything more.

If you are #2, you likely aren't reading my blog because you rarely put effort into thinking about work while AT work, so the odds that you'd ever try to think about work OUTSIDE of work are pretty low.

If you are #3, listen carefully... it's your fault. If everybody around you is an idiot and "it's not MY fault" is your standard disclaimer, you are a probably screwing things up royally and you need to carefully look at what you are doing and start making some changes.

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