Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ubuntu Cafe

I just read some news about If microsoft, Linux, and OSX were cafe's

I'm wondering... would people pay a few bucks to hang out with some linux (Ubuntu?) folks to help them fix their windows boxes so they run well? I know a lot of people who don't care which OS their running as long as things "work" and don't break.

The latest few ubuntu releases sure seem like good candidates, I wonder if you just charged a cover charge to "non technical folks" and used that money to pay the rent as well as diet coke for the "technical folks" if you could make a business out of this. They techno weenies can run around being the gurus and helping folks out and the other folks can get super customized machines. Could even maybe even set up virtual windows machines on them so quicken and other non-wine software works.

Interesting idea, not sure I have the business chops to make it happen. I know we've been running linux here for almost 2 years and the only thing that we miss are #1 video games (use consoles and flash games) and #2 itunes (virtualbox).

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