Monday, August 3, 2009

I met me today

The strangest thing happened today...

I met myself at lunch.

Or rather, I met someone who sounded a lot like me. You see, I just started a new job and I went out to lunch with few of my new team members. Part of the lunch digressed into a bit of a bitch session about stupid crap at work. It was kinda nice to have folks be so upfront and just vent instead of dodging around the issue and playing little word games to try and see if I would finally understand what they really meant.

Someone just said "I think so and so is a dumbass" and that was that. No "well, you know (make up little story that is hopefully a metaphor I would understand) and then proceed to allude to this fact over the next 30 minutes, it was just flat out and out "so and so is a dumbass".

I like it... I'm not saying that this person was right or wrong, it's my first day, how could I know? But what I like is that I don't need to guess what that person thinks. While I supposed they could be gaming me or have some ulterior motive, it certainly seems like they just wanted to get their position on the record. That gives them +1 in my book, though a high score is in the millions, so it's not a terribly impressive feat.

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