Friday, June 5, 2009

Agile Enterprise Architecture

I've been reading with great interest many things about enterprise architecture. It seems that in our organisation, traditionally at least, there is little thought about the structure of the business as it relates to information management. While it appears there has been great thought in restructuring the organisation around strategic objectives, we seem to always forget that the information needed to obtain these objectives is critically important and the technology teams to manage that information should be structured and aligned in the same or similar way.

This is really interesting to me because it seems to reflect a profound ignorance of the value that a technology organisation can provide.

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john_doe said...

"Your ideas are intruiging to me and I wish to suscribe to your newsletter!"

This post is a good mate with your previous one. I think you've picked the scab which hides the wound that in most large IT organizations, the people steering the ship have never seen the engine room. The uninformed want slow and steady whereas the customer in need and engaged developer wants action now/stat!

We've had some sporadic Agile development in our organization but
the old guard and new foreign overlords have deemed it as voodoo.

Good links btw.