Sunday, January 18, 2009

Earn cash with google

I was reading slashdot this morning and saw an interesting ad pop up. It was for a site called It sure smelled funny, but thought it was an amusing approach. From what I can determine it's something like:

#1 Target advertising
#1 Ask a bunch of questions to "Qualify" the applicant (Optional?)
#2 ask for some cash up front to "ship" the "instructions" (Dubious)
#3 Profit!

First of I took [very quick] peek on google about this and found a couple of complaints: here . Then, I started thinking about it... What better way to make money than to charge people a very low amount of money for instructions on how to make money.

From what I can see, while this really seems like it could be a bit unethical, it is an interesting way to make money. If one keeps the number of people "in" the network widely distributed enough and keeps the costs low, this could continue this for quite some time. I'm not a lawyer, but this might even be legal in the US (Let the buyer beware). It hardly seems illegal to charge someone $2 for information about how you made money charging people $2 for information about how to make money.

Now, from what I can see, the proposed business plan is actually something about posting links on google. While this may be a legit way to make money, I'm still trying to figure it out. I can see how perhaps you could make money if your adsense account was well targeted, but this would require a pretty high clickthrough rate. The other thing that might be is to build a network of zombies to click on web sites that will change a pages SEO ranking. This is certainly ethically dubious and I would probably want to shy away from it.

Now mind you, I'm not sure exactly what the "instructions" really are as I am hesitant to give out my personal information, but it certainly sounds shady. If, in fact, it is one of the things outlined above it's probably on pretty shaky ground. Probably, if I really where interested, I could get a PO box and see what they're promoting.

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