Thursday, December 8, 2016

Five simple steps to select the ultimate software development tool

After years of keeping it a secret, I'm finally going to let folks in on how to select software development tools. The great thing about my process is it applies to programming languages, frameworks, design patterns, and many other development aspects (even 'non software development' things).

Here's the process:

  1. Does your current tool support your business goals? (things like: speed to market, cost, uptime, available programmers of the appropriate caliber)
  2. If yes, why are you reading this? you already have a tool, get to work.
  3. Can you modify your existing tool (keeping in mind the modification needs to take into account for business costs of modifying the tool) so that #1 applies?
  4. If yes, get to work modifying it.
  5. 90% of the time, I've found you don't need this step, but if you do...look for tools that more closely align with #1, try them, and go through the process again.

There you have it! Five simple steps to the ultimate software development tool.