Monday, November 9, 2009

dd-wrt on a linksys router.

I have a couple of old linksys wrt54g routers lying around. They stopped working 100% over the years and I just bought another one instead of trying to fix the one I had.

Surfing the internet I stumbled across a linux firmware image for them that allowed you to reconfigure them to do some wicked cool stuff Since I just donated an old laptop (without a wireless adapter) to my son and I've been wanting a way to get my old ps2 hooked up the the wireless router, this looked like just the trick.

I downloaded the firmware images, flashed the router, and suddenly I had a little linux router I could configure and tweak to my heart's content. I could do really cool stuff like connect wirelessly from my router to another wireless router and bridge the networks together. This means my ps2 upstairs can now connect to my old linksys and it will forward all the traffic to my new wireless access point downstairs (sweet!). It also allowed me to bump up the radio power as well as super tweak the radio (like I can tell the right antenna to transmit and the left one to receive).

If you're a hacker and have some spare time or a need to create a mesh of wireless access points, I HIGHLY recommend this package.

three thumbs up.

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