Sunday, October 4, 2009

Think like a genius

Questia has an interesting article about "how to think like a genius" . I'd have to say this is spot-on and a good

Adding my own thoughts to the above, I've noticed that I rarely do new or innovative things by "trying", I'm more innovative when exploring interesting side effects. I would go further to say that lucky people are simply the ones who can creatively extract value from more situations than other people. I often hear people sharing their misfortunes with me and quite often they have a negative spin on things that happened to me that I thought where golden opportunities, but they simply saw as obstacles.

Which reminds me of a story...

A gentleman farmer at the turn of the century was being overrun by rabbits and went into town looking for an expert marksman to get rid of the pests. On his way, he passed a farm with dozens of bull's eyes painted on a fence and in the the exact center of each one was a bullet hole. The farmer was amazed and went up to the house to find this remarkable marksman. On approaching the owner he asked if the owner had fired all those rounds. When the owner responded in the positive, he asked: "You've got to be the best shot ever, how many years of practice did it take to become so good?" The markman replied "Actually I only started shooting today. After I got done shooting at the fence, I just went and painted circles around the holes"


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