Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lazy Man's web hosting

I recently took over as the "IT Guy" for a local organization I volunteer for. As a guy who spends a lot of time working on web development, I seemed to be a good fit for the job. The website was basically a bunch of static files with a little bit of javascripty rollovers thrown in for good measure.

My mandate was to try and bring the site into the 21st century with things like: blogging, email notification, user forums, group calendar, and other features that would make things more interactive. At first I figured I'd just write some stuff myself, but then I started looking around. Twitter (microblog + sms notification), Google (calendar, online word processing), and Facebook (just about everything else) provide a bunch of these things for free. When put together, these give a lot of functionality for little more than the time to set up a few accounts and link the various pages together.

Now the site is MUCH more interactive, and we actually have no real "code". I sense a place for this sort of expertise in the market that I'm going to start exploring. Maybe I'll call myself a "social networking application professional" (SNAP).

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