Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Technological Decision Making

I'm amazed at how flawless some people think they are. Judging by the responses I often get to questions, I happen to work at an organization with a handful of people who NEVER make mistakes and know the answer to EVERYTHING. Oddly enough, though, these people seem to always have to work with a bunch of morons who never understand the genius in their presence.
It seems like my job has become that of gradually bringing a lot of these folks down off their high and enlightening people to problems with their reasoning. There seems to be an abundance of overconfidence in IT that "I know what I'm talking about" without and abundance of careful thought about all the options available to us or the inevitable consequences (everything has a down side). The troubling thing is, while there are obviously solutions to make this determination (documentation...), there are really no economical ways to determine if someone has done the careful thought or not in the time scales our projects typically run.
My job now is finding people who have actually thought about the problem (and making this determination is HARD) and exposing their ideas and insights to people who are making arbitrary decisions based on little, flawed, or no information. Put another way, it's all about educating everyone in my sphere of influence so that the entire team builds off of each others knowledge and experience.


john_doe said...

Hmmm IT folk who never make mistakes and know everything? They must be some form of new manager / tribble because they seem to be replicating at my place of employment as well.

Some people don't want to help themselves or receive knowledge from others, they're a lost cause. Logic has no home in their universe as they ride the coat tails of others and blow smoke like a wind machine. They speak in generalities and dismiss factual data as conjecture.

However, don't under estimate the value, awesomeness and scarcity of "the guy." This cocky fellow seems to have mastered the art of Google queries, reading documentation/manuals and trying new things. Odds are you are this guy...it's okay to announce your technical prowess and dominance in your field. Impressionable minds are listening.

Stay vigilant.


Mainguy said...

Ahh, the mark of a true IT geek, you used a "Star Trek" reference... Your kung fu must be great oh master!